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1. 6. – 4. 6. 2022

znojmo – mikulov – uherské hradiště

VINO EURO 2022 in numbers

8 European countries 

18 international 

More than 300 players and team members 

Over 200 winemakers representing the major wine regions of Europe

Over 2000 bottles of wine for tasting 

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The Moravian winemakers defeated Slovenian colleagues 6: 1 in the final and became the champions of The Europian Championship of Wine Fotball Team - VINO EURO 2022. The match was decided mainly by the hat-trick David Michna, who also became the best scorer of the tournament. The CZECH WINE TEAM also won the Fair Play award for the lowest number of yellow cards received. The Swiss team won the second Fair Play award. Duarte Salazar Leite, a post-Portuguese player, was chosen as the tournament's best player, followed by Ital Nicolo Frongillo for the lowest number of goals scored in the tournament (2).



The team of German winemakers takes third place and thus bronze from the European Championships. They defeated the Portuguese in today's last match of the tournament after a sensational turn, losing 0: 2 after the first half. In the second, he turned the situation with four goals and the whole match was decided by a single player Mario Görgen. The Italian team took fifth place, Austria sixth, Hungary seventh and the Swiss finished last. The winner will be decided on Saturday between the home Czech Republic and Slovenia.



The third day of the The Europian Championship of Wine Fotball Teams - VINO EURO 2022 brought the resolution of the entire championship. In the final, to our delight, the home team of The CZECH WINE TEAM will play against a team from Slovenia. The match will take place on Sunday, June 4, from 10 am at the football stadium in Uherské Hradiště. Our winemakers defeated their German colleagues in a very even match, which ended 0-0 in the regular time, with a 5: 3 penalty. Former Sparta forward David Lafata turned the decisive penalty.



VINO EURO 2022 is not just about sports, but also has an educational dimension. That is why the international conference VINO EDUCA took place on Thursday, where European experts in wine and viticulture spoke with an impact on health, the economy, the environment and culture. Thematically, the conference focused mainly on the issue of "Wine responsibly", ie the role and impact of wine consumption on health and lifestyle and its impact on the functioning and prosperity of each wine country. The Minister of Health, Prof. MUDr. Vlastimil Valek, CSc., MBA, EBIR.



On Thursday morning, the remaining 4 matches of the basic groups were played in Znojmo. It was decided who will advance to the fight for medals and who will play only for placement. The CZECH WINE TEAM team also managed their third match and defeated their Austrian colleagues 3:2. It was also replaced by two "non-wine" stars, moderator Jaromír Bosák and former Sparta forward David Lafata, who decided the match with beautiful scissors. It advances to the semifinals from first place and will face Germany. Other matches will take place in Uherské Hradiště. In the afternoon, an International Conference - VINO EDUCA on the topic of self-regulation took place in Mikulov.



The first day of the football and wine festival of The Europian Championship of Wine Fotball Teams - VINO EURO 2022 is over. Today, 8 matches took place in the basic groups in Znojmo. You can find the results in the "MATCHES" section. The CZECH WINE TEAM has already played two matches. In the first match, it sovereignly won over the selection of Hungary 3: 0, in the second then over Portugal 3:1 and leads group B. Tomorrow we will have another 4 matches in Znojmo and then we will move to Mikulov, where the International Conference - VINO EDUCA will take place.

Czech Team is complet


Jaromír Bosák is the second public person who will come to support the Czech team. A lover not only of football and sport in general but also, as he says, of wine. See for yourself and let Jaromír invites you to the VINO EURO, which starts on the 1st June in Znojmo. In the first matches, Czech winemakers will face those from Hungary and Portugal. 

Czech Team Reinforcement


"Come and support us. I will play too!" is the invitation of David Lafata. The first of the two nominated public figures who will play in the Czech colors at the VINO EURO. In addition to the wine football players, a professional will also intervene in the matches. Break a leg! 

The final training


There was the last meeting of the Czech national team before the fast-approaching championship (photo). VINO EURO 2022 starts in less than three weeks! The new jerseys are fitting, players are in the best shape, and the line-up is finishing - coach Vajčner is almost clear about the nomination. All that is left is to add the two names to the final line-up will the coach reveal soon. Alongside our great winemakers, two public persons will also enter the tournament. Their nomination is allowed by the rules of the championship. And who will it be? Let's be surprised. 

New jerseys


Preparations for the VINO EURO championship are in full swing also on the Czech national team side, which is turning up its form not only on the pitch – we have just received the brand new jerseys from 11TEAMSPORTS, thank you! Now it's just a matter of deciding which ones to start the tournament.

Friendly match


The Czech representation played their first training match against Drnholec (photo) and immediately enjoyed a 4:2 win. However, this time, after a long break, was the meeting itself, much more important than the winning. Czech players met each other to start preparing for the European Winemakers' Football Championship - VINO EURO - which will finally take place after a two-year postponement. Moreover, in the Czech Republic. So FC Czech Wine Team will play on the home pitch that deserves a dutiful preparation. Well, they will play the next match on May 12 in Krumvíř. 



The final meeting of VINO EURO 2022 is happening in person and the leaders of all representing teams will meet in Düsseldorf on 16. 5. 2022. We will make use of Prowein, one of the most significant winery events in the world since most of us will be there because of work as well. 

The Preparations of VE 2022


It is not easy to coordinate 8 countries to meet at an international event. Especially, when there have been all sorts of regulations and precautions making it harder for Europe for the last two years. That is also why the management of UENFW (Union of European national football teams of winemakers) meets every month and coordinates the preparations in the form of online meetings since last December. At the moment, a team of seven members, under the leadership of Stanislav Tkadlec (the president of FC Czech Team) manages all the preparations and projects on the Czech side. 



For the first time, and for now also the last time, the FC Czech Wine Team was present at VINO EURO in Slovenia in May. Because of the two year delay, because of coronavirus, we now know when we’ll meet again – 31. 5. 2022. This time as organizers. VINO EURO 2022 will happen in the Czech Republic, more specifically in Znojmo, Uherské Hradiště and Mikulov. 

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