The Europian Championship of Wine Fotball Teams – the official name VINO EURO, that is an event, that began in the year 2010 and in which, there are currently 8 European winery countries. Except the Czech republic, there is Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Portugal, and Italy, where the historicly first meeting of winemakers footballers took place. In the Czech republic, in Znojmo, Mikulov and Uherské Hradiště, the seventh annual meeting will happen, on 1.–4. 6. 2020. 

All winery representative selections are members of the UENFW since 2018 - Union of European national football teams of winemamakers organisation, that represents not only the idea of joining football and winemakers, but also the exchange of experiences, education and the representation of wine as a part of culture and social phenomenon in the worlds importance.

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How to go to the VINO EURO?

  • Znojmo
  • Uherské Hradiště
  • Mikulov

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